School visits

Key Stages 1, 2, 3

We will design a visit for Key Stage 1, 2 or 3 that can include any combination of:

  • Learning about William Champion’s Works, House and Gardens with a visit to the Gardens and Grotto.
  • Artefact handling relevant to your current history / cross-curricular work in school. • A visit to specific displays of interest with or without additional information sheets.
  • Cross curricular work with local heritage at the core.


Themes can be general such as “How has life in our locality changed?” or it may be focused on a particular period or aspect important in the local area like Coalmining or the Victorians. Our current major exhibition started in April 2014 and commemorates the Great War 1914 – 1918. It has a strong local focus and changes each year to commemorate different events.

We can visit you

We can come to your school as part of a study and bring a wealth of artefacts, expertise and stories, again tailored to meet your needs. Children love trying on Victorian boots or hearing vinyl records on a record player.

How we organise our work

Most schools come for a morning or afternoon. We can provide indoor or outdoor space for packed lunches if you choose to eat before returning to school or if you come early for an afternoon visit. We can accommodate groups from approximately 15 children to a maximum of about 60, usually for about two hours. We often have 90 children from one some of our larger primary schools, staggered throughout the day. The children enjoy having their packed lunch here and we will always provide drinks for pupils and staff.

learning at Kingswood museum


For organised school visits to the Museum the cost is £2.00 per child. (Staff and adult helpers are not charged). For outreach visits to school we charge £25.00 per museum volunteer per half day session. Please contact our Administrator by phone if you have any queries or to make a provisional booking. Alternatively, call in between 2.00 – 5.00pm any Tuesday afternoon to look around or discuss an outline programme with our Administrator or Education Officer over a cup of tea or coffee. School visits may be arranged at a time and date to suit your needs.


You can bring a picnic during your visit to Kingswood museum