Curriculum  – how we can work with you

Key Stage 1 with the following headings:

  • Changes within memory
  • Events beyond living memory
  • Significant individuals, used comparatively to compare aspects of life in different periods
  • Local study (significant historical events, people and places in their own locality)


There is considerable scope to use our Museum to help children explore and understand key ideas in history.

Our Key Stage 1 pupils who visit look at these themes through artefacts and displays relating to topics as varied as the 1950s to coalmining in the locality, all tied in with social and economic / industrial change.

Key Stage 2

As well as developing a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of local, British and world history, this Key Stage has a Local History Study and a Chronological Unit Beyond 1066.

The Museum’s well developed resources around social and economic change can be used to full advantage and tailored to suit your specific ideas.

Coalmining, boot making, Douglas motorcycles, Kleen-e-ze, Victorian life through to today amongst others: all can be incorporated into themes such as technology through time, the Industrial Revolution, the Great War and others.

learning at Kingswood museum

Key Stage 3

At this key stage our artefacts and displays come into their own and we can tailor a visit to meet your needs.

learning at Kingswood museum


We are ready to match your needs